Improve your no touches


What is no touch and how to improve them.

Tobias is one of the best in the world at no touch combinations.

Use this video as a guide to set up your training and follow the guidelines and tips Tobias gives.


No matter how good you are at no touches you always need to repeat and work on the basic tricks. Make sure you always work on your TATWs, MATWs, ATATWs, AMATWs and other tricks like TAATWs. Work on getting all these tricks perfect and make sure your crossover movement is as low as possible. This will give you more time to get in to the No Touch movement. See below for tricks you should work on to improve your No touches.


3rd step would be to set up a training program. By implementing a few exercises every training session you will see results much faster.

The more you train no touches the faster you will improve. But this doesn't mean that your hole training session needs to be about no touches. You can implement a few exercises during your session to improve without spending to much time on them.

Here is an example of a program Tobias used to improve his Amatw no touches.

Every session he had to do these exercises:

1. Set a minimum number of no touches you need to do before you can end your session.

2. Doing an Amatw No touch from a harder trick like: Lmatw, Ltatw, Skora atw, Almatw, Magellan Mitch or any other similar trick. 

3. Practice Matw no touches weak foot to improve speed and technique on the weak foot. set an amount of no touches you should get before ending the session.



These 3 steps are just meant as an example and a guide. You can use this as inspiration to set your own goals for each session to improve the types of no touches you would like to accomplish. 

Remember that it does take time to improve so be patient and think longterm.