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Track your sessions to earn gear

How it works


Share analytics and moments from your sessions

Get a full overview of your training analytics, upcoming sessions and see how other freestylers and street football players train

Track your training

The more you track the more discount you will earn

how to earn your discount

By using the platform on mobile, desktop or via the app to track your sessions you can earn 4Freestyle discounts and rewards, and It's all free. Share and track your sessions and send us your profile to get your reward.


4Freestyle discounts via their webshop

1 Week / 7 days tracking = 10% discount code

1 month / 30 days tracking = 15% discount code

3 months / 90 days tracking = 20% discount code

6 months and more than 120 days tracking = 20% discount code

1 Year and moore than 220 days tracking = a free pair of Explore shoes

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Schedule - track - share


Track your training sessions to better understand how much and what you train. Keep yourself accountable and get an overview of how much and what you train

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Share your own sessions and watch how other players train, their analytics, and schedules. Learn from others and get inspired


schedule your personal sessions and team sessions. Share them publicly so other people can join or keep them private.

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Claim your rreward

Alll you need to do is to send us a link to your profile for us to verify. 

You find your profile link by accessing the platform on mobile or desktop. It's not possible to get your profile link via the app

Individual PLANS

+ Personal

Start using Off-Pitch for free and track all your sessions, share and see how other athletes train. If you would like to unlock your personal schedule, public schedule feed, and see in-depth analytics of other athletes you can upgrade to Off-Pitch personal + 

Off-Pitch personal + 7€ / month 

Off-Pitch personal + 50€ / Year 

Team plans

+ Team

The Off-Pitch team plan gives sports teams and all the members of the specific team full access to all premium features.


Set up your team schedule and let your team members add all team training sessions and events to their personal calendar. Get full overview of your team training analytics as well as personal training analytics for all players.

Off-Pitch Team + 65€ / month 

Off-Pitch Team + 500€ / Year 


+ Club

With the Off-Pitch club plan the club will get their own club page with an overview of all teams schedules, club members, team chat, full access to the Off-Pitch academy, and access to the skill book. 

All teams and members of the club will get premium memberships with full access to all features to better schedule, track and organize their training schedule.

Off-Pitch Club + 195€ / month

Off-Pitch Club + 1600 € / year


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